How To Install WordPress Online On Domain

Did you know that you can install wordpress on your own system for learning and testing purpose? Working offline on wordpress is the best way to test plugin, makes any types of changes before live the website.

So today i want to tell you how to install wordpress offline using wamp server. And how to work offline on wordpress.

To follow some easy steps and you can install easy wordpress in your system.

Step:-1. LogIn Into C-Panel.

Step:- 2. Go to Softaculous App Installer Option. click on wordpress option.


Step:3 Now click on Install Now option.

Fig: 1.1

Step:4 If wordpress already install in your domain. than you can uninstall wordpress by select option and click on uninstall option.



Step:5 Select protocol option you want to apply on domain.


Step:5 Select domain you want to install wordpress .


Step:6 Fill all the details one by one.

Eg: A) Site Name- “Info Solution India”   B) Site Description/ Tagline – “Technology, Service, Solution”   C) Admin Username- “infosolutionindia”   D) Admin Password- ” Enter Password”  E) Email- ”


Step:7 Now  leave all the option.


Step:8 Click  on install option.


Step:9 Wait until the wordpress successfully install on your domain. after installation complete click on domain name option . Now wordpress install successfully  and you can build your own website after login . Enter the username and password.



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